Counselling and psychotherapy for change

I work in a way that is practical, kind and down-to-earth, matching my style of working to what you need. Each person is unique so I do not have one approach for everyone. My aim is to find out what is most helpful to you and your own particular difficulties.

Whatever your concerns, counselling can help you understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and help you to make changes in the way you approach your life.

I am positive and optimistic about people's ability to change their lives for the better. The first part of our work is often identifying what you would like to change. Although everyone proceeds at their own pace, my experience is that clients often make progress from the first few sessions onwards.

Whatever your difficulties, counselling is a joint project. You can go at your own pace, sharing your concerns however large or small they seem to you. Some people's worry might be a relationship problem or a personal loss. For others it is decisions about the future, or regrets from the past. Other people have a general sense of unhappiness, or of not being able to cope.

It may seem like a difficult step to take – especially if you have never had counselling or psychotherapy before. I welcome clients from all backgrounds and offer a confidential space to talk and think about your concerns, difficulties or whatever is worrying you.

If you would like to explore the possibility, please get in touch by phone or by email. I am happy to discuss things over the phone or to arrange an introductory meeting so that we can discuss how I can be of help to you.
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