Couple counselling

Most relationships go through bad patches. Sometimes these pass, sometimes things just seem to get worse. Couple counselling can be a life-line. It can help you rejuvenate a stale relationship, improve communication, help you understand what is going wrong and how to fix it.

How it works?

Couple counselling gives you a new way of talking about your difficulties. You decide on your priorities - whether improving communication, getting over past betrayals, agreeing difficult decisions, even deciding how to separate. Sometimes we meet weekly, sometimes we meet fortnightly. For some couples just a few meetings makes a huge difference, for others it takes longer. I work flexibly to help you achieve what you want.

Family work

Change happens all the time in families, whether it is the arrival of a new child, older children entering adolescence, or a young adult about to leave home. Marriages and partnerships reach an end. Major challenges such as illness or bereavement take their toll, as do outside stresses such as work or exams. At these times, family life can feel wobbly and unsure. Relationships which used to run smoothly, seem less satisfying and successful.

I am a trained Family Therapist and have worked with families and couples in NHS and charity settings as well as privately. My aim is to work with you and your loved ones to improve communication and well-being, and to help you make any changes your relationships need.

If you are unsure about therapy but would like to discuss it further, please contact me to arrange a time for a free introductory consultation by phone.
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