What to expect

Sometimes counselling makes an immediate difference, in other cases the process may take longer. I always try to work in a way that is practical, realistic and sensitive to my client’s needs.

What clients say

I feel I’ve really changed.’

Everyone can change how they feel, think and act. It may take time, but that is what we work on.

'Thank you for getting me through this time. I’m truly a happy person now.’

Sometimes a crisis can lead to personal growth. To play a small part in the unfolding of my clients’ lives is an honour and an inspiration.

'I had a very positive experience of attending counselling sessions with you, I feel you gauged very quickly a style of counselling that suited me. As we discussed I was very nervous initially seeking counselling and attending, however I felt it helped me get through a low period, and come out the other side feeling positive.

The first session can often feel daunting, but people usually find the reality is a great relief.

Each week during our discussion there would always be one key element I would take away that would help me feel much better about things, always a bit of a lightbulb moment that you would have pointed out.'

The days between each session are an opportunity to reflect on what we have discussed and also to try out small changes. 

'I undertook regular meetings with Ursula that lasted for around seven months and ended around a year ago. In our sessions I felt able to speak candidly, in many instances for the very first time, and to examine without judgement several persistent issues that I had previously been unable to address. As a result it became possible to develop useful strategies to meet challenges that I had thought insurmountable. The perspective and clarity I gained in these meetings has remained with me, and continues to inform my decision-making in ways that I believe have brought about fundamental and sustainable improvements in my life.'

I am inspired by my clients' ability to make positive changes in their lives and to break out of old patterns.

'I must admit, I was unsure as to what I'd get out of my counseling sessions with Ursula. I had a naive idea of how it worked, but didn't really understand the many benefits it would eventually give me…not only to deal with the issues I was facing, but to see things from a different perspective.'

'I’ve told you things that no-one else in the world knows.’

All my clients deserve my respect and kindness and I observe strict rules of confidentiality.

‘Counselling is like a lifeboat.’

When you are lost and at sea, counselling can help you keep your head above the water.

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